A matrix to manage (5/15/2012)

Any project requires extensive preparation: to be successful you have to sort his ideas

Viewing schedule types (3/29/2012)

A new format is available to see a schedule type. You will be able to preview the site directly (without logging) schedules made ​​available to public.

How Facebook will help me organize ? (2/21/2012)

With Mistermind and Facebook, you will increase your productivity.

Opening of the library planning (1/19/2012)

A new page appears on the site. This is the functionality of "library". This page allows you to access a list of public schedules usable right away and changed at will.

Social Connection (1/16/2012)

Here's a new way to open an account on Mistermind very quickly !

First news on the website (12/22/2011)

Here is the first official news site. Your site is evolving, with the appearance of news, we can keep you informed of updates and developments of the site. You can always follow us through our Facebook pages, Twitter or + Google