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How to decompose a project into tasks ?

One possible method is to use the WWWWH (When, What, Who, How, ...). For each node in your planning, ask yourself this card following questions to deduce the associated nodes.

Why MisterMind is a method of organizing innovative?

MisterMind site provides a management tool that organizes planning around three actions:

  • Order: Based on the model of brainstorming and mindmapping application, you will be able intuitively sorted your actiosn achieve by organizing it in a neuron.
  • Rating: The tool allows you to define at best a start date and end date.
  • Action: After the first two actions performed, the system will offer a planning automatically generated different views available to the list of things to do in the week, for a given day. This method is innovative because it combines planning and management of mindmapping around three simple actions.


How many projects can I follow in the same time ?

In this first version of the tool, we offer the management of three projects

How to create a schedule ?

To do this, it's simple : one click on Log In or Register , you just go on the "My Schedule" and click on "New schedule".

What is the difference between the different node types of your schedule?

Three types of nodes can be used on the tool Mistermind:

  • Group: This element is used to group a set of projects or work unit. This element does not appear on the Agenda views or checklist. Progress is also not changed because it is calculated automatically based on the elements it contains.
    Note that a group may also contain one or more groups.
  • Task: A task is a standard action. His state of realization is either done or do. This type of node appears on the views: calendar and ToDoList.
  • Project: A project is a node of type group where you can change the progress finely. This type of node appears on the views: calendar and ToDoList.

Is my datas - although they saved ?

The information entered on the personal and tools are stored at each change. For more information please refer to the terms of use Terms of Use

Why I can not change the progress of a group ?

On your schedule, a group corresponds to a set of projects or tasks. The progress of this set is calculated automatically via its contents. Also an element of type group will not appear in the calendar view or checklist.

What is the significance of the indicator of delay?

This indicator is available on the CheckList view shows whether you have taken the lead or lag, and this according to the progress said. Delai, mistermind
If the cursor is at -100, this means that you have completed the project while it was not yet started. If the cursor is over 100, your task should have already completed, but progress is still 0%. You are very late. Finally, if the cursor is set to 0 the progress of your project matches the prediction.

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