A matrix to manage

Make good choices

Any project requires extensive preparation: to be successful you have to sort his ideas, structuring his projects, see the different steps and coordinating all.
To construct his building, there must be a solid foundation!


Being productive by selecting

Deciding is one of the firstskill of a leader or project manager performance.
Dwight David Eisenhower, President and military strategist has invented a simple method to determine which tasks should be carried out and those that could be forgotten. This methodology is remarkably effective.

You'll be able to focus on two characteristics of your actions :
  • emergency : what it is imperative to finish first.
  • significance : what is essential to the project.
With the tool Mistermind you will get a view of the Eisenhower matrix that will be filled automatically. You will then have a matrix of decision support that will show you what order to process your tasks.


Depending on the location of your business, you will be able to easily decide what should be done :
  • A : activities to be performed in first and requiring support oneself.
  • B : activities to build yourself or delegate quickly.
  • C : activities may be delegated or can wait.
  • D : tasks to classify. They will probably never be realized.
This sort action will allow you to complete your project: a good decision requires consideration of many parameters! Mistermind offers an overview of your schedule to focus on the essentials !