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Organize family life : paying bills, preparing her holiday recording appointments, ... Not to forget about your daily routine, your actions to complete and follow the edge of the water.

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To prepare your research, organize the preparation of assessments and schedule your next render your homework tool you maximum tracking

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Set a lotification, Organize teams, plan resources and track the progress of your projects. The tool is an intuitive decision support and effective

Discover the mind-mapping

MisterMind is an innovative and unique way to manage differently your projects. This site allows you to automatically find your goals from a mind map.

Take advantage of the power of mind maps with this intuitive and human-friendly tool. Sort never rhyme so much with planning. You will build your planning like a mental map. Subsequently, your Calendar , CheckList , or Gantt Chart will be filled automatically.

Concentrate on the essentials and earn productivity . Discover the mind planning


Conducting an Effective Meeting The mind map "Running an Effective Meeting" offers a comprehensive methodology for running productive meetings. Focusing on planning, facilitation, communication, follow-up and evaluation, it aims to maximize the effectiveness and impact of professional meetings. With practical advice on preparing, conducting and following up meetings, this mind map is a valuable resource for improving meeting management and fostering effective team collaboration.


Writing better emails The "Better Email Writing" mind map offers a structured methodology for improving e-mail communication. By focusing on structure, content, response and follow-up, as well as effective e-mail management, it aims to optimize the clarity, relevance and manageability of electronic correspondence. With practical tips on writing, responsiveness and organization, this mind map is a valuable resource for effective, professional e-mail communication.


Life and works of Lovecraft The Lovecraft Life and Works Mind Map offers a comprehensive exploration of the famous writer's life and major contributions to fantasy and horror literature. Showcasing his major works, recurring themes and cultural legacy, it provides a detailed overview of Lovecraft's lasting impact on the horror and science fiction genre. From his youth in Providence to his influence on contemporary popular culture, this map highlights Lovecraft's importance as an icon of macabre literature and creative imagination.

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