Opening of the library planning

A new page appears on the site. This is the functionality of "library". This page allows you to access a list of public schedules usable right away and changed at will. These templates categorized schedules: (Lifestyle, Productivity, Business, ...)

Selecting a template

Two possible actions are available on a  template 
planning :

  • See projectConsultation: You will be able to navigate and explore the mind planning public
  • Reuse projectReusing: a copy of the planning will be done and you will be able to directly modify, adapt it and use it. These changes will be personal.

The advantage of using templates is that the phase of organization already done. Just set your milestones on the elements pre-filled. If the template fits your need of the moment, your schedule is done in minutes.

Proposal of a template

This "library" will be regularly updated to answer your specific daily problems.
If you can not find what you are looking for or have an idea of ​​template, please send us an email to: